Lorne is known as the jewel in the crown in terms of the quality and diversity of the bushwalks in the Great Otway National Park. Known as the area where the “Mountains Meet the Sea” walks take in many features such as water falls, caves, lush rainforest rich in ferns, many of these walks are conducted along original logging tracks from the early 1900’s.

Overnight Bushwalks
This walk is conducted for the beginner level: Start at Sheoak River mouth, Takes in Sheoak Falls, Swallows Cave, lunch at Sheoak Picnic Ground. Continue past Won Wondah falls, the Canyon, then Phantom Falls and down to the Allenvale Sawmill campsite for overnight camp. Next morning, follow George River track to the Fireman’s track then back to Club Lorne before lunch and finish. We provide; tents, backpacks, japara jackets, and sleeping mats for up to 25 students.

A list of some of the walks in the area are as follows:

Club Lorne Activities Bush Walk
Club Lorne Activities Bush Walks
Walk Distance Time Difficulty
Ocean View Walk 5K Circuit 2 hours Easy – Mod
Erskine Falls Second Look-out 700M 30 minutes Moderate
Erskine Falls Long Walk 7.5K (1 way) 3 hours Difficult
Cora Lynn Cascades 4.5K Return 2 hours Easy – Mod
Allenvale-Phantom Falls 3.4K Return 1.5 hours Easy – Mod
Sheoak Picnic Ground-Canyon 8.5K Circuit 3 hours Mod – Diff
Kalimna Falls – Lower 6K Circuit 2 hours Easy
Ocean walk – St George River 5K Circuit 2 hours Moderate
Sheoak Falls – Swallows Cave 2.2K Circuit 1 hours Moderate
Cumberland River – Jeb’s Pool 3K Circuit 1.5 hours Moderate
Erskine River – The Sanctuary 4K Circuit 1.5 hours Moderate
Teddy’s Lookout – Club Lorne 4K Circuit 1.5 hours Mod – Diff
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