What’s the food like?

Our food is wholesome, nourishing, and plentiful. Campers are constantly remarking on the excellent quality of meals which are prepared in a commercial kitchen, by fully qualified food handlers.

A sample menu is as follows:
Breakfast; Cereal, Toast, Fruit Juice, Bacon and Eggs alternate days, Tea/coffee
Lunch; Meat and Salad Rolls, Fresh Fruit, Cordial/Water
Afternoon Tea;  Cake, Fresh Fruit, Biscuits
Dinner; Spaghetti Bolognese, salad and garlic bread
Desert; Chocolate Cake with Cream, or Ice Cream Sundae

How many people can you accommodate?

Total number is 100. This comprises of 76 Bunkbeds in seven separate rooms and 24 in Dome tens erected in a nominated area with in the Surf Club. Double insulated sleeping mats are also provided. All bathrooms are located under one roof.

How can I learn how to surf if I can’t even swim?

There is absolutely no need to worry about this as the vast majority of our clients have either never surfed or have never been in the ocean. Our program specifically caters for beginners and our experienced instructors will assist with your individual needs. Your lesson is conducted in “waist deep” water. This is because you get most success in balance & control when surfing the “broken waves”.

Do I have to wear a wetsuit?

Yes. The reason being they obviously keep you warm, therefore ensuring you will gain the most out of your 2 hour lesson. There is an added safety reason as a wetsuit will help to float you, protect you from skin rashes, and sunburn.

What is the minimum age for the kayaking?

Our minimum recommended age for sit on top kayaking Is grade 3 primary or 8 years old. Our PFD’s and helmets are adjustable down to that size. Introductory kayaking sessions are recommended on the flat water of the Erskine River.

What are the night time activities?

There are a whole host of night time activities. Such things as night beach, pier, or short bush walks are all on our doorstep. Indoor activities include, but are not limited to;  Bush Dancing, DVD Movie nights, Pool, Table Tennis, Table top Soccer. There is also a slide show and talk on Surf – Safety and Lifesaving provided on request.

How far is the nearest medical facility?

Lorne Community Hospital is a modern state of the art facility, providing emergency and outpatient services. Doctors are available 24 hours a day. The hospital is located less than 1km away in Albert Street.

What happens if we get really cold during the lesson?

This is most unlikely as Lorne is one of the safest and most sheltered surf beaches on the coast, because it faces east, and not south, where the cold winds come from. Our wet suits which are provided, and individually fitted, to all participants, are of excellent quality. If this proves insufficient, we have the added safety benefit of piping hot showers directly on the foreshore in the Lorne Clubhouse. We make it our business to have the possibility of “cold” covered from all angles. Booties are also provided upon request.

Do you own this building?

I wish I did! No, there is no possibility of a single person being able to own such a special facility as this. It is owned by the Lorne Surf Lifesaving Club, which is on what is known as “Crown Land” known as the Lorne Foreshore Reserve.

How much does it cost?

Our prices at Club Lorne Camp are in line with most school camp costs. When comparing costs it is important to remember that Club Lorne is a fully Accredited Camp with the ACA and Australian Tourism.. This means all industry approved standards are met in terms of booking procedures, safety standards, and of course the required $10 million public liability insurance. While most surf related activities do incur a charge, many of our activities at Club Lorne are free of charge. You will find our surf related activity costs to be very competitive with other surf schools in this area.

These are:

55 for October – April
35 for May – September

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